Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Psst: Trump needs to update his rhetoric on Mexico

Donald Trump's anti Mexican screeds ignore that more Mexicans are returning there than coming here, and that Mexico is one of America's major trade partners.

from StrategyPage:

The government and Mexico’s business community know NAFTA is vital to the Mexican economy and a major reason why unemployment in Mexico under four percent. The U.S. has benefited as well, as has the third partner, Canada. Trade between the U.S. and Mexico is now valued around $540 billion a year. 
But they then go on to notice the cartel crimes in that country, which is why a lot of people want the border to be controlled.

The article also mentions how the cartel kidnaps for ransom the Central Americans trying to get to the USA.

I had linked awhile back to an article about why priests had been murdered in Mexico: some for condemning violence, but some for helping these Central American refugees. Presumably there are new articles on what is going on with Obama's open border and who is coming into the US, but I am too tired to find a story about it.

The SP article also notes that Canada will send peacekeepers to help Colombian area where the drug insurgents of FARC are.

Michael Totten, best known as a reporter in the Middle East, has a new article on his site about the miraculous economic recovery in Colombia.

By 2015, Medellín’s crime rate dropped by as much as 95 percent. In 2013, the Wall Street Journal named it the most innovative city in the world. The Urban Land Institute described the city’s transformation this way:
Few cities have transformed the way that Medellín, Colombia’s second largest city, has in the past 20 years. Medellín’s homicide rate has plunged, nearly 80% from 1991 to 2010. The city built public libraries, parks, and schools in poor hillside neighborhoods and constructed a series of transportation links from there to its commercial and industrial centers
which is why my youngest son recently complained to me that he is disappointed after visiting  his family in Colombia because are too wrapped up in seeking material wealth. (a normal reaction in the first generation out of poverty: My Pinoy relatives here and the USA similarly love stuff)

so anyway: Throw out the old meme and update your talking points.

This also goes for the left: Their darling country Venezuela is now the pits, but don't expect them to connect the dots or notice how those socialists  running the government got rich while wrecking the economy. (Chavez' daughter is the richest person in Venezuela....where did that money come from?)

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