Saturday, August 13, 2016

All Lives Matter

Drudge links to the latest fad: People having parties to celebrate their suicide.

And if you think this is about dying people, then why do Canadian lawyers want to extend their very broad suicide law to extend this "right" to the disabled and mentally ill?

NDY posts an interview with one of their activists about the latest pro snuff film pushed by Hollywood: when asked: isn't a movie about a person making a choice? he answers:

Well, the choice is the author’s choice, Jojo Moyes, who both wrote the book and wrote the screenplay for the movie. And she said that when she wrote the book, “quality of life was very high in my mind, I had two relatives who required 24-hour care just to stay alive. I think if you deal with that situation on any kind of lengthy basis, you can’t help but ask yourself questions about how somebody lives and what kind of quality of life you can offer someone. At what point does the quality become meaningless and at what point do you give someone the right to decide for themselves?”

So she’s a bigot and she wanted to write a book, and unfortunately for us, millions of people bought the book and are now seeing the movie. We never see the opposite side of the picture, she admitted that she didn’t speak to any quadriplegics before writing the movie. (italics mine)....
It’s a cartoon caricature in which a wealthy man who has everything going for him – including a woman who is beautiful, with whom he’s mutually in love – and yet he still decides to kill himself.
translation: the author admits: it's about the caretaker, not about the patient.

In other words, she admits she wrote it as propaganda, in the same ilk as "Ich klaga an".

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