Friday, September 16, 2016

it wasn't aliens: it was housewives

From ABC (Aus) Science:

Scientists discovered a 6000 year old piece of  cloth in Peru that was dyed with indigo.

Supplied: Lauren Urana

now this means: One, they cultivated cotton.
Two: they learned to spin it into a thread

Three: They wove it (although the cloth shows more of a netting... they didn't point out the size of the original article).

A lot of stories assume huge pyramids etc are the important thing about ancient peoples (and often one reads about how the space aliens helped them make these things).

But it is the more mundane discoveries that really made a diffeartrence in the lives of people for the last 6000 years:

or as the article says:

"If not for pre-Hispanic farmers, we very well might not be wearing cotton as part of our everyday lives."

uh, pre Hispanic? 4000 BC was Pre Incan....

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