Friday, September 16, 2016

Family news

The spinner motor on the wash machine broke, so we are getting it fixed.


We are borrowing Joy's cousin's pickup truck for rice deliveries, but it lacks a camper shell. They planned to buy a used one, but all the used ones were cracked, and it is important to keep the rice dry. So that is another big expense from my pension. A small quarterly check from one of my investments should cover the extra expense but hasn't arrived yet.

Joy and Ruby at a conference for farmers yesterday and in Manila today for school.

High School here used to be ten years, but last year they increased it to 12 years. So Ruby hopes to attend a business oriented college in Manila for her senior high school.

She has been on academic subjects and is busy catching up with courses on computer webpage stuff and in accounting...

Often she is up at night, at the kitchen table, because it is quiet and cool (it is crowded to work inside her small bedroom with the Airconditioner on and too hot to work outside during the day)

In other news, my son is getting remarried, and his now grown up daughter has had a baby boy with her live in boyfriend.

Sigh. Hope everything works out for all of them.

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