Sunday, January 27, 2008

Family News

Dear Senator:

We are asking for your help in getting justice for our brother/nephew, Dr. Juanito Reyes, an American citizen living in the Philippines, who was killed two years ago in the Philippines.

This week, the Philippine police arrested the contract killers and found evidence that they were behind the murder of Dr. Reyes and many other people.

Could you please contact the embassy and make sure that they apply pressure on the government our family get justice this matter? We suspect they think the killing was a simple robbery, When our niece sought for help, the embassy merely gave her the names of some local lawyers. Yet, with the widespread corruption here, we worry that they will be bribed and not do their job in finding those who paid for the murders.

We suspect that the killing of our relative was because the killers were trying to eliminate a candidate for a local election, and hearing he was at a cockpit that he ran, invaded that public place to murder him. When he was not found, they instead killed his two sons, two bodyguards, and Dr. Ito, who went to one of the casualties to render medical assistance.

If this was a simple murder, we would expect justice. However, we suspect the gang was hired, and now fear either that they will be killed in jail, or bribery will allow them to be released. If they do release the name of the powerful politician who hired them, we fear Ito's wife, also an American citizen who lives part time in the Philippines and works part time as a nurse in the US, will be in danger.

Any help in this matter will be appreciated.

Yours truly,

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