Sunday, January 13, 2008

Family news

We were at the farm all day...I'll post a few of my photos, and tomorrow when I have more time, will post from Chano's better camera.

He has gotten a grant from the gov't to start a greenhouse vegetable program: The idea is to grow veggies in plastic (net) greenhouses with our rice, they will be organic.
The greenhouses have nets all around to keep out insects that eat veggies, so we don't have to use insecticide...they also have a roof to prevent heavy rain from ruining the crop, and a shade so that the hot sun doesn't over heat them during the hot season. Each greenhouse complex has a well and pump to irrigate. The one we went to today is on our "dry" fields, too high for the river to flood so is usually left fallow in the dry season. It will give us and other farmers extra money especially in the "dry season" when less rice is grown.

Farm Greenhouse veggies 1 08

Today we dedicated the first three, but two other groups are being constructed, and farmers in the program (our tenants and other independent farmers) will attend the classes in the next six weeks.

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