Monday, January 21, 2008

Headlines below the fold

Is the Antarctic ice sheet melting because of a volcano? LINK

Cubans vote for new parliament says the headlines...ah, but the problem is the small print:

Only one person is standing per seat, including ailing leader Fidel Castro, even though he has not been seen in public for almost a year-and-a-half....There are 614 candidates contesting 614 seats.


The Sargent Schultz award of the day ("I see nothing, nooothing") goes to the Sudanese government who appointed Janjaweed leader to that government's cabinet.


The copilot landed that British plane that lost power right before landing. Letting copilots do routine landings is normal, and his skill saved everyone, but it makes one more question into the pile.


The dog that didn't bark: 2 million that peacefully attended the Ashura commemorations in Iraq....most of the news was about fighting elsewhere, of course.

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