Tuesday, January 15, 2008

stuff below the fold

The DaJihad Code? Spengler relates the true story of lost manuscripts, Nazis, and those who try to silence the truth of a religion's origin.

Buying books for your kids? Check out the Caldicott and Newbury winners at Omnivoracious at Amazon.

Go Thompson...because do you really want four years of listening to a shrill Hillary or hyper Rudi or a hick Huckabee....

Hmmm...Thompson vs Obama....works for me.

Oz blogger Tim Blair is having cancer surgery...in our prayers...drop him a line.

NYTimes blasts Murtha... for excess pork..they finally noticed?

Canadian Human rights commission thinks punishing those who hurt someone's feelings is a more important right than freedom of speech...check HERE..

What does it take to make a beating heart? My report HERE.

Don't fly to the Philippines, says the FAA...
Great. Typhoons, mudslides, earthquakes, tornadoes, Dengue fever, and now this...


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