Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The votes are cast but who won?

The Observatory on Mt. Washington held an election for who should be their mascot:

My favorite:Vowing, "Change, hope, more change, and a chicken in every bowl," Sarah is vocal, never hesitating to hammer home her agenda. While this high-energy 1-year-old can border on hyper, she's independent, loves to meow, and plays well with other cats. Says one insider, Sarah's "a real sweet cat, but she gets cold easily, has never been out, and is not the outdoors type." This has prompted critics to question whether she can take the sleet. Sarah's unflinching response? "I am woman. Hear me meow."

Please note: All three contenders have great hair, attend church, hold law degrees, value values, tout affordable vet care, and oppose recreational drug-use (unless it is catnip). All three claim to have been raised by poor, humble yam-farmers who worked their tails off just to put Meow Mix on the table. However, that claim has yet to be confirmed.

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