Thursday, January 28, 2010

Computer stuff below the fold

An identical letter to lots of different newspapers...duh. Astroturfing of course. No story here....

Except the Jawas note:
In all the years I've been tracing IPs from wanna-be-terrorists, I've never had that many different IPs from the same person in that short of time....(this)suggests that the person/persons behind the emails was either a) already tech savvy or b) went through a great deal of trouble to cover their tracks.... unless he's an IT guy or a hacker...(this) suggests organization.


Young mother who got caught only has to pay$54 thousand instead of two million for downloading 24 songs.

Heh. wonder what they'd fine the vendors in the Palenke who sell mp3 discs and hit movies for 35 pesos a disc?


It's Steve Jobs vs Obama...

Uh, maybe they need to rename the IPad...(via AnnAlthouse)


China vs Google:What it means and why it's important.

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