Tuesday, January 19, 2010

stuff below the fold

Good news: The Himalaya glaciers are not going to disappear soon.

Bad News: Gaia can't aim.
Danny Glover now says Gaia is mad at those high carbon people so has taken it out on the low carbon people of Haiti.

Uh, Gaia Florida is that a way...

more bad news: Guatamala has had an earthquake too...luckily not in an area with a lot of people.

The drug war you never hear about: Iranian police against drug smuggling from Afghanistan.

Also the article mentions rumors of assasinations by the gov't being blamed on the west, while "moderates" are trying to keep things stable (see previous post on this).

Cyberwar between the Koreas...
As the saying goes: Ain't payback a B*****?


First it was "Kiroy was here", now it's "secret bible codes"...
presumably if the code was to "Independence day: P's a B" it would be okay.

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