Thursday, January 14, 2010

Headlines of the day

The news from Haiti keeps getting worse and worse.

The US Coast Guard is helping to land planes with supplies and rescue units from all over (airport tower was damaged), and the Carl Vinson
is in the area and should be there by tomorrow.
But although the UN Peacekeeper's building was destroyed and some UN personnel have died: however, the 179 Filipino UN peacekeepers are now reported as safe and helping in the rescue.

Aid is pouring in from all over to help.
Yes there is good in the world.
we've also had another small quake, as has West Papua and the Soloman islands. Earthquake map HERE.

Read this and shudder.
Witness is related to both clans.
Yes, there is evil in the world.

The latest health scare, coming soon to a headline near you:
Carcinogenic dust from pavement crack sealent.

Nigerian president in a Saudi hospital, and some unrest in that country. More HERE.

DrSanity links to an article that shows the data manipulation that sees all deaths of those without health insurance in the US as death from lack of health insurance, and points out the flaw in this assumption.

I'm glad someone noticed: Because if you go to the ER, they have to treat you, money or no money....yet few people bother to bring that up (of course, this means packed ER's but that's another story).

Part of our medical training was small meetings to discuss journal articles: and often we found what was reported was statistically flawed or contradicted by another article. So excuse my cynicism.


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