Thursday, January 21, 2010

Headlines of the day

The really big electoral news: Erap is allowed to run again.

Well, that should mess up Noynoy's plans for an easy election.


WTF vote in Massachusetts. Good news for Republicans?

My take at BNN: No, the revolt of the moderates (Independents and Clinton Democrats) against the elites running Washington

Lucid Lynx alpha is available for download.

Starwars 1, Breast Cancer 0:
Microwave zapping as treatment for breast cancer?

Mbeki's advice from HIV denialists not to treat HIV patients resulted in 300thousand deaths...
More HERE and HERE.
Conspiracy theories do kill, and a lot of them start in prominent UK or US magazines.


More earthquakes in Haiti...the Anchoress is following it.


What's wrong with this picture?

TimeMag says the 86 page report on the Fort Hood shootings doesn't mention one small detail.

and the really big news:
Sam Waterson finally got his big star.

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