Friday, January 22, 2010

Posted for later reading

I have lots of stuff to do, so am posting links to articles to read slowly later in the day.

Attacks on Asians at SouthPhilly high are finally getting some legal pushback.

Too much government money for electric wheelchairs?
the problem is with the regulation:
"To receive a complex rehabilitation wheelchair, a beneficiary's limitation must be deemed to result from a neurological condition, muscle disease or skeletal deformity."


Intergalactic Tube style map
The map displays the vast and complex interconnections of the Milky Way in a familiar way Photo: SAMUEL ARBESMAN / NEWSTEAM

A UK reporter who has been immersed into the culture of death being promoted in Europe visits the dying in Venezuea and learns about choosing life
Yes, that is one reason that we returned to the Philippines.
(headsup NotDeadYetBlog).

Another UK article discusses another taboo subject: becoming hetero.

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