Monday, January 25, 2010

Stuff below the fold

Saint Cory?
God will decide, says a local priest.
I say, why not Sts. Ninoy and Cory? Two for the price of one.


Why are earthquake deaths so bad in Haiti?

Senator Loren Legarda says: It's corruption that allows shoddy construction to take place, citing examples in Turkey and Japan and China.
The bad news?
if it happened in Manila,
The study points out that such an earthquake could cause 33,500 deaths, an additional 18,000 deaths from fire, and 114,000 injuries....

The next big PC no-no: Lawns.
It's the lawnmowers that are the problem.
And yes, I had a push mower in the US, but the kids who did my lawn used to borrow their dad's lawnmower because pushing it was too much work.
Related headlines:
no its not a commercial for Head and Shoulders.

And the quote of the day is from Dustbury:

I mean, nobody likes impatient, surly drugs, right?

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