Friday, June 17, 2011

Attention Washington Post

The entire Pentagon papers are now on line, and the Washington Post and other papers will be soliciting their readers to help them examine the thousands of pages of documents to find the dirt about the VietNam war.

Oh, sorry, that request was to read Sarah Palin's emails...

The WSJ laments modern campaign finance laws, and quotes defenders of John Edwards, who complain that if it wasn't for those pesky campaign finance laws, that it wouldn't be "illegal" for John Edwards to use $900 thousand from two campaign supporters to keep his mistress quiet.


Bad news of the day: The "solar minimum" (lack of sunspots) could lead to a new ice age.
The "good" news: Global warming will help prevent this.

Frankenmilk: Human breast milk from cows? I don't think so....and MJ notes pasteurizing it will destroy the cells and some of the proteins that help protect infants.

and no, I'm not a "fresh milk" fan:We had an outbreak of Camplobacter in our patients who would get free fresh milk from local dairy farmers who allowed neighbors to siphon off a bit of milk for their own use under a barter system type agreement.


Ketamine takes away depression?

Uh, it also causes nightmares and hallucinations, which is why we docs rarely use it in adults, even though it doesn't drop the respiratory rate or blood pressure like other medicines... and then we use it with other medicines to counteract these side effects.

But it's easy to administer.
In one African hospital, we used it as anesthesia with local nerve blocks: We ran in a "drip" and increased the drip rate when the patient started to move, and decreased it when the patient slowed his breathing rate. The drip was regulated by the guy who usually cleaned our floors...


Article of the week: Jelly Fish!

Yes, they survived other "mass extinctions" and are thriving due to global warming.

So get out your recipe book and enjoy!

And if you don't want to prepare the suckers, just buy some Instant Jellyfish.

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