Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good news below the fold

The Atlantic has an article on Weird Al Yankovic.
more at Wired... who includes links to some of his (worse) video performances.

Inside a Maya tomb.

Ancient Standard is having a series of essays on Theusus...

one of the few ancient heroes who hasn't had his own movie...

Yes, I speak Dog.

from Dustbury

YUM Fried Coolaid

video was removed, but here is the recipe at another site.

Why those blond Gobi guys are probably not related to the Romans..

on the other hand, the Burmese/Tibetan tribe in India who claim to be Jews will now be allowed into Israel...more here.

I know about Civil war reenactments in the US, but scienceblog has an article on darek age reenacters, webpage HERE.


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