Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Headlines below the fold

all the news not fit to print.

.."gay rights" could mean a way to marginalize churches in the US.

As doc, I am old enough to remember when "rights"triumphed over public health... this, however, is a taboo subject can only be discussed on the "Arts" page.

Tweeting information in Libya.
and the ICC has an arrest warrant against Gadaffy and friends.

Pacific algae and fish are migrating into the Atlantic: global warming destruction of arctic ice is allowing a current to mix the oceans.

one wonders why they didn't migrate during the medieval warm period, when it was warmer than it is now.

Sudan is bombing it's breakaway southern provinces....much of the oil is in the border of the breakaway area...and much of the oil goes to China, so Bashir is visiting there to discuss what's going on....

there may be a new civil war brewing in Rwanda.

Death Panels redux:
Lamm: Rationing could fix health care.

yeah, must get rid of that out of date Hippocratic oath, he says...


and the really important headline of the day:

Finches tweet using grammar

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