Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Creative commons copyright article....Corey Doctorow makes it onto the BBC

Me, I figure if the Chinese pirates can get a first line movie on the street before it hits Manila, why worry if I borrow a photo (that I usually link to the source)(although I usually ask private bloggers, and only have been turned down once).

"Reach for a Camel instead of a sweet" was right:
Non-smoking woman are more likely to be obese and die of associated illnesses than those who smoke, according to research.


Michael Yon on the Kabul's the publicity, stupid...

And StrategyPage figures another month and Ghadaffy is gone.

The background on the Spratlys: summary: Imperial China once "owned" the area so it's theirs forever.

This claim sends fear not only into the Philippines, but Vietnam and Korea, which they also once "owned"...

usually liberal PhilInquirer editorial points out it's the corrupt elites in China seeing easy pickings in these Philippine islands,and the Philippines is too weak to fight back because it decided it didn't need America's protection twenty years ago...

The Somali pirate threat is getting worse: They are attacking ships far from the Somali coast now...most of the sailors they hold (and abuse) are Indian or Filipino...but India has a Navy and....


Makati finds and recycles 1.58 tons of lightbulbs and batteries...ah but what about the rest of the country?

we have a "recycle battery" kiosk in our mall, but so far our dead lightbulbs are going into our drawers (and I suspect some of them end up in the landfill).

I suspect in a few years, mercury contamination will be a major problem...

We were hoping the Ampatuan massacre trial would be on the TV, but it's not...however, the Inquirer notes it is being streamed on the internet LINK

After the Philippines and Indonesia pass regulations to protect their maid from abuse and pay them a minimal wage while working in Saudi, the Kingdom decides to ban them from being hired.

more bad news: the "saudification" plans may force employers to fire OFW in favor of the local unemployed.

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