Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Headlines below the fold

The world is going up in flames, so we need a Secretary of State to stay on the ball.

So the photo in the Manila Bulletin shows Hillary presenting a placque to a Zamboanga prosecutor who worked against "human trafficking", pushing "women's rights" in a speech to the African Union, and promoting Lady Gaga to appear in a Rome Gay pride parade.

It's nice to know that the US State Department has it's priorities in order.

Heh. The Pope Twitters...from his IPad...

FILIPINO boxing champion and congressman Manny Pacquiao (center) poses with boxing gloves as he expresses support for a House of Representatives bill providing for P125 across-the-board wage increase for the private sectors in a news conference Tuesday in Quezon City. (AP)

Yes, Manny Pacquiao has a blog...that's SENATOR Paquiao... If he continues like this, he may become a popular president, just like Erap...

Living in the Philippines exposes you to floods, typhoons, and dengue fever, but don't forget to worry about the killer water buffalo...

Michael Sandel is giving talks in China...

his website "Justice" has some videos on his course...
his talk at TED on the importance of civil discourse:


Sahara greening from Climate Change?

Good news for local chicken farms: They might stop imports of cheap chicken from SEAsia.

Like the Chinese imports that destroyed small manufacturers here by underpricing, the cheap imports meant our chicken farm Inow rented out) could never make a decent profit.

the bad news: Floods have wrecked a lot of the newly planted rice, and fishkills are raising demand and prices on chicken and pork..

Father Groeschel talks with Christoff Arnold of the Bruderhof.
they are a pacifist communal society whose roots date back to the Anabaptist movement of the Australian article about them HERE. More HERE

their books can be found HERE...

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