Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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Photo: AP Photo/Luis Benavides
has an escalator in their slums.

Hmmm...this kind of thing would be great for those living on the side of the hills in Baguio too...

nasa photo of the day.

UhOH: Looks like God has a hangover with bloodshot eyes...

WTF medical article of the day: H Pylori, that causes ulcers, might protect you against diarrhea.

When an intelligence firm is hacked, none of us are safe. Luckily, it seems to have been done as a prank, and money from the stolen credit cards was gifted to charities...

Dave Barry asks:

Can Bees Make Tupperware?

Hmmm...what was the Ming china doing in Mapungubwe?

Chinese celadon ceramics dated to the Song (1127-1279 AD), Yuan (1279-1368 AD) or early Ming (1368-1644 AD) dynasties of China were recovered from the site.

Over 100,000 glass beads were eventually identified at Mapungubwe, a quarter of which were recovered from one burial. Mapungubwe's bead assemblage included "Dutch Dogons" made in Germany, hexagonal beads from Czechoslovakia, Indo-Pacific beads from India and Sri Lanka, Islamic beads from al-Fustat, and Venetian glass beads: all of these attest to the breadth of the trade system connecting Mapungubwe to the rest of the world.

In a related item: the Suakin island is now open to tourists.

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then there's the mystery of the Klerksdorp Spheres.

By all scientific accounts, the rounded objects with even latitudinal grooves are 3 billion-year-old rocks that were naturally formed by carbonate concretions. Over the process of their development the tiny pyrophyllite spheres, which range in size from .5-10 cm, were created when minerals formed in the space between sediments. Weathering of these specimen left them as tiny balls, with evenly spaced lines circumscribing them.

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msNBC reports the ancient mysteries of 2011, including:

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