Friday, November 16, 2012

Food stories

YUM Brussel Sprouts!
recipes at link
one veggie we don't have here in the Philippines, thank God.

What about Second Breakfast?

Try this Blackberry cake.

No we don't have blackberries here either (although I used to collect them along the abandoned train tracks when I lived in Pennsylvania mountains).

But they do grow strawberries in Baguio...

Father Z has an article on giving out Communion to those with celiac disease...there are now gluten free hosts, and if your parish doesn't have them refer them to the link which includes addresses.



Biopharmaceutical company Coronado Biosciences is conducting clinical trials using the eggs of the pig whipworm to regulate immune activity. The treatment is centered on the “hygiene hypothesis,” which asserts that today’s sterile, germ-free homes can actually make us sick. Lack of exposure to pathogens could prevent immune systems from properly regulating, explained Dr. Bobby Sandage, CEO of Coronado.

Excuse me for being cynical, but then why are there so many autoimmune disorders among Native American?

Genetics has a lot to do with it...

As for "too clean" homes, maybe it's not the cleanliness but that they see doctors more often and get diagnosed when they have very mild disease...or maybe it is the chemicals in their diet...

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