Monday, January 21, 2013

Book Stuff around the net

The Plough publishing house has a lot of their books free on line.
From the Bruderhof, a pacifistic Christian community. Just listed to remind folks not all Christians "cling to guns and religion": Some are pacifists who help others and live chaste lives and care for their children without succumbing to the religion of progressive socialism and new age magic, like much of the Christian left seems to have done.


Brian Sibley points out that January 18 was the 118th birthday of AA Milne. and discusses an old radio program he complied from Milne's work.


Stainless steel droppings
suggests watching a youtube satire Space Janitors.


Baen books still has sci fi books, some free to download.


Attention  Conspiracy theorists: Carroll Quigley's book Tragedy and Hope is now on line at Internet archives.

The late professor Quigley taught Bill Clinton at Georgetown and some of the conspiracy types say his vision of a new world order is the blueprint behind today's world. In other words, he is a historian with ideas of how things should work.
I don't know: Haven't been able to read it yet. His webpage is here.

Project Gutenburg has a list of human and computer generated audiobooks.

they also have sheetmusic...


Hesperian has a lot of medical related books for free download, including the classic: where there is no doctor.

UCpress has some of it's books to read free on line. much of them are in specialized fields.

this one, about an outbreak of religious visions in Basque country in the early 1930's, for example, tries to put this phenomenum into a secular perpective. (and how the bishop's rejection made things even more confused). A reaction to modernity, or a warning of the coming civil war by the sensitive?

and this one, on the midwife tasked by the French king in the mid 1700's to teach other midwives, gives us a different view of that time.

only about one quarter are free to read, but include some on Asia or medical histor.

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