Thursday, January 24, 2013

The "WAGD" headlines of the day

Calling Captain Tripps:

Bird Flu Research to Resume After Safety Debate
. Some scientists warned that a deadly pandemic could break out if the mutant virus leaked out of the lab accidentally or if terrorists stole it or made it themselves, using articles in scientific journals for the recipe.
They already have made an airborne form that transmits from ferret to ferret.
Heh. Didn't know they used ferrets for research.

In some ways, this would be worse than "dark Winter", since there might not be a vaccine to stop the spread.

On the other hand, SARS was stopped by old fashioned quarantine methods, not by modern medicine...

Pakistan coming apart at the seams?

Yes, Mr Ten percent is in trouble, and a Canadian citizen from there is helping to destablize the place. Presumably this will let the army take over again.
Professor C. Christine Fair, who teaches at Georgetown University and studies Pakistan, calls Qadri's sudden emergence on the national stage "theater,” and suspects the country’s powerful military helped to engineer the cleric’s return and organize his massive protest.
 The good news: The army, not the Taliban, will take over
The bad news: The Pakistani army invented the Taliban and supports attacking India.

PBS on Canada letting in terrorists under the guise of being politically persecuted folks.

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