Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tudor Costumes


here is a wiki on costumes, comparing paintings to what was worn by the characters in the miniseries the Tudors.

Thomas More and other noblemen and women (above picture) are seen with mixed fashions of the Elizabethan period and early Renaissance fashions from Germany, Italy, Spain and England. Thomas More's attire is that of English law practitioners, and while the style is great and mostly original, it differs by part of the fabric in the front and the color of the attire, which would in real life have a "lighter" color of black to the sleeves or another dark color to contrast with black color.
But the good news: That Scalia didn't wear this Tudor era part of the costume. and that style was noted as far back as the days of Chaucer:

Upon And mooreover, the wrecched
Swollen membres that they shewe thurgh disgisynge,
in departynge of hire hoses in whit and
Reed, semeth that half hir shameful privee
Membres weren flayne.

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