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Thoughtful essays about today's headlines

A bunch of long, subtle essays which need to be read slowly and pondered on.


Via Instapundit: SultanKnishBlog discusses "why we are all Japanese now":

summary:The essay points out that modernism has resulted in a culture made for the value system of unattached, selfish, materialistic, isolated young men playing computer games....
America is destroying its values on an industrial scale. In a post-industrial nation, the destruction of values has become one of its chief industries.
As a wise old Indian once wrote: Paul VI was right...


Father Z writes that the newage sisters object to the idea of Mary as the equivalent of a "fulla doll", the Muslim version of Barbie.


Who looks more like Mary:

Item one:

 or item two, the most talked about woman of the west?


DavidSalo's essay on black speech: think Esperanto.

Ah, but with time even Black Speech evolved.

Right now I'm listening to the History of English podcast, which discusses how languages evolve, in case you are interested in the subject.


Strategy Page summarizes why helping Syria isn't popular:
 the Western voters have had it with Arab duplicity and bad behavior in general. Western leaders have been slow to accept this unpleasant news, but the voters, who pay for these attacks in money and blood have a veto power and they are exercising it....
the corruption and lack of responsible leadership and general unreliability of Arabs has put off the West, even in the face of a great humanitarian disaster in Syria. It’s not the first time this has happened. The West pulled out of Somalia in 1993 because of frustration with trying to help people who won’t make much of an effort to help themselves and were more interested in killing and stealing. 
 They then go on to relate the long history of the Arab world since the Ottoman Empire fell apart, and it isn't pretty.

Right now, Syria is a proxy war between the Sunni Saudis and the (Iranian) Shiites, but the Sunni side (which includes Alqaeda) wants America to help before they officially join in the fight...2 million refugees, and counting...and alas SP notes the next step is starvation for those left behind...and lots of dead people, no matter which side wins.

I am wondering why so few are noting the similarities between Syria and the Spanish Civil war, where a bad but better organized group backed by the Nazis (Franco) was fighting a worse group backed by Stalin. (maybe because except for Orwell, the intellectuals "didn't see" the atrocities of the communists, who were only killing educated people, independent type anarchists who refused to obey Stalin, and Catholics, all of whom probably deserved killing).

related item: Cleaning out the snakepit inside the land of the Saudis,
about the Saudi charities spreading jihad friendly religion.

on the political blogs, the consensus is that Democrats, who hated all wars by Republicans, will end up obeying their beloved leader. As for Republicans, who tend to love war against bad guys, well, they will probably okay it too, so they won't be seen as weak.

and the usually thoughtful Belmont club wonders if all of this is smoke and mirrors hiding something bigger.
Taken together these events are suggestive of a larger background that has not been fully explored in the media. The planned attack on Syria could not have been solely about Assad’s use of chemical weapons any more than the attack on the Libya consulate was about a video produced in LA. It was a prelude to or part of something else. Just what is not at this point clear. If so, then the collapse of Obama’s plan as exemplified by its rejection in the British House of Commons implies a far greater strategic setback than the public is being told.
It takes quite awhile to place ships and troops in place, even to simply bomb an area, and we are now hearing rumors of "CIA Trained rebels" who are ready to join in the fight against Assad...and of course, Benghazi was about (illegally) funneling Libyan weapons (via Turkey) to the rebels against Assad.


Mrs.Gay Caswell says if you want to see where legal Marijuana will lead, visit her school...Heh. Sounds like where I worked in Minnesota...

    We have been bombarded with the dangers and evils of tobacco and yet no articles, no posters, no warnings about the effects of marijuana. In Peter Hitchen’s crucial and excellent book THE WAR THAT WAS NEVER FOUGHT he describes the adverse effects of cannabis and other drugs and the official deceit in which it is promoted in Great Britain.  He says that there has never been a systematic study of the effects of marijuana on the population. Well, the world does have a huge field study in northern Saskatchewan. When we came up in 1995 drugs particularly marijuana was apparently not only effectively legal but,  practically mandatory. It was your civic duty to cop out, drop out, and disappear one way or another. 

and all those who are upper class and think legalization would be fine never have to treat the neglected/abused children of those taking drugs. LINK


Placement of children with grandparents can occur abruptly, or after a long and difficult period with the biological parents. There are multiple and oftentimes interrelated reasons children are raised by grandparents. They include parental substance abuse, child abuse and neglect, psychiatric disorders of parents, parental incarceration, and homicide resulting from domestic violence events (Dowdell, 1995; Kelley, 1993; Kelley, Yorker, Whitley, & Sipe, 2001).
and this doesn't include the many kids we see who are still with mom (and her druggie boyfriend) and who end up emotionally damaged or sexually abused...

It says a lot about the world when Jesse Marcel Jr gets listed in the UKTelegraph obituary page along with the economist who devise carbon trading, Sir David Frost, and Seamus Heaney...


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