Friday, October 25, 2013

Backstories in the news

 Some bozo associated with the UN is pushing insects as food    (recipes here), but in China, cockroaches are used medicinally.

Now the latest fad is to raise American German cockroaches and eat them as medicine.

and they are easy to raise:
But, he said, farming the bugs is very simple. "Just keep them warm and they are happy."
 Cahokia burnt down 900 years ago and that civilization started declining afterward.
Of course, the climate started changing shortly after that time, which also might have something to do with the decline.

and although recent reports say Jurassic park was nonsense, another report showed that the amber mosquitos do contain blood, but not the blood of T Rex:
Since they bring that up, it’s worth pointing out that the mosquito fossil dates to the Middle Eocene, some 19 million years after non-avian dinosaurs went extinct. 

Want to read a depressing news article?

Follow the money.



on a more cheerful note.

Heirs of Durin has lots of screen shots from the next Hobbit film.

Guess they escaped without coats...


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