Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Family news

Yahoo mail is working again.

The water pump has been fixed, but is noisy.

The wash machine broke again (the third time in two months) and when the girl comes to do the laundry, often she finds that Joy's washing is being done. I bought a new washer but the old one was fixed by Joy and is working.

the reason the washer/wringers break is overloading: usually it is because of new maids but this time it was the boys from the farm who were staying overnight when Chano was in Manila, and they decided to do the wash while here instead of doing it by hand.

I should explain that here, the washer washes only: they use a different machine to wring out the clothes by spinning. If I knew the old machine could be fixed I would have bought a small combination type, but never mind. Sigh. That means I'm low on money until my check clears in the middle of the month.

update: Brownout all day, so no blogging.

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