Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Life in the Philippines

Everyday heroes: cop killed in flood rescue:
BAYAWAN, Negros Oriental—The death toll from the flooding in this city has risen to six as relief operations continue for the 11,000 people affected by the floods caused by torrential rains.
Aside from policeman Rodelyn Gonzaga, who is reported to have lost his life while helping in rescue operations, the other fatalities have been identified as Tanorio Bacorio, Ronald Gargarian, Puriciano Sedo, Maricel Bordago and Shirley Tombrador, all residents of Bayawan.

Flooding in the south Philippines: No, it's not global warming, just regular monsoon season. The floods are from
1) the poor build shanty towns in the flood plains (and the officials look the other way)
2) illegal logging means that the trees on the slopes aren't there to absorb the rain (and the officials take bribes to look the other way).
3) Cities don't have proper drainage systems, so they tend to clog up with debris and plastic bags. (and the officials pocket the city funds supposed to help the poor).

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