Tuesday, October 08, 2013

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Cidevant blog discusses the picadillos of the British monarchy.

and in another post, discusses the problems of making a films of real people.  Hmm...maybe if they included Diana's "picadillos", the new film wouldn't make her into a plaster saint.

my only comment about the film about Thatcher: they place a lot of emphasis on her dementia but slide so quickly past the real drama of her life that non Brits who don't know the history of those days might not pick up the references. In this case I am thinking of the IRA bombing of her hotel or her place in causing the fall of communism.


A new translation of Dante is discussed.
Stopped mid-motion in the middle
Of what we call our life, I looked up and saw no sky—
Only a dense cage of leaf, tree, and twig. I was lost.

the main problem with this is that most readers are city folks...few modern readers see the forest as menacing, and they see wildlife as cuddly Disney animals. Which only goes to show that none of them live in Northern Minnesota, where my elderly patients were afraid of taking a walk to exercize because they might be attacked by bears.

Mirkwood anyone?

cooking article of the day.

Using an MRI to cook a better pork pie.

In this work we demonstrate the potential of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as a tool for investigating the conditions required for producing jellies with different properties and present two examples of this use. Firstly we demonstrate that MRI can determine the ability of water to diffuse through the jelly which is critical in minimizing the amount of moisture moving from the jelly to the crust. Secondly, the impact of jelly temperature on the penetration length into the crust is investigated.” -

See more at: http://www.improbable.com/2013/10/07/mri-tool-use-progresses-from-medicine-to-pork-pie-development/#sthash.tYvE4ZPQ.dpuf
 Improbable also notes the quiz show question on what would a dinosaur taste like.

There is a classic sci fi story about a geek who invents a window in time and only manages to rescue some dinosaur eggs before it explodes...after raising the smallish dinosaurs he has a fire in the house and the wonderful smell of roast dinosaur (similar to the old tale of the Chinese peasant who discovered pork when his pigstye burned down).
Voila: kentucky fried dinosaurs.

But actually, I suspect the future is not dinoburgers or even insect burgers (touted by some clueless greens) but will be factory grown meat. This also was predicted in a classic Scifi story. Too bad I didn't bring my sci fi collection with me or I could tell you which.

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