Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stuff below the fold

While the headlines are fighting about the wonderfulness of Obamacare, the really important news stories are there if you dig around a bit.


The "WTF" story of the day number one comes from StrategyPage:

Russian nukes light up America

and the "dog who didn't bark" is ignored by the American press, who didn't notice:

In the last two decades the only radioactive material smuggled out of Russia was small quantities and usually low-level stuff unsuitable for a bomb. Most Russian nukes have been disassembled and their nuclear material turned into power-plant fuel. The remaining nuclear weapons are under very tight security and most of their nuclear scientists were given financial and career incentives (paid for by the U.S.) to leave nuclear weapons work behind. Nevertheless, for two decades, breathless news stories of Russian "loose nukes" were a media staple on slow news days. None of those stories ever panned out and that has gone on for so long that “loose nukes in Russia” is no longer considered a viable attention getter.

MIT story on internet privacy: linked for later reading.

...we must learn how to sabotage the system—perhaps by refusing to self-track at all.
 and this comes from link:


Gateway pundit notes that this page of the Obamacare Spanish website uses a photo of two Asian women.

well, after all, all brown people look alike, don't they?

One reporter wanted some Mexican music to play in the background of a story about Ted Cruz, whose father was a refugee from Cuba.

I suggest maybe he should play this instead.

But hey, all brown people look alike....


if Mirkwood was the forests of central Europe, then the Misty Mountains were... the Alps. TORN discusses here.


another Alp related story: Mont Blanc plane crash jewels found. the crash was in 1966...

but the incident reminded me of the 1956 Spencer Tracy film The Mountain, which was inspired by a  similar 1950 plane crash...


the Darwin award of the week goes to North Korea, who are busy hiding their missile sites on a holy volcano on the Chinese border, to keep the Americans from attacking them.

after all, what could go wrong. BBC report on Mt Paektu

Wired report on how to trigger a volcanic eruption.


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