Sunday, December 08, 2013

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Mrs. Gay Caswell has a post on the wonderfulness of the Canadian health system...sounds like someone there was lectured about not using "unnecessary" antibiotics.
a lot of the problems she runs into are similar to that I saw in the US "on the res"....


So how exactly did they starch their clothing in the "good old days"? (or how did they get those fancy collars to stay stiff?_

Starch was already in use for fine linens and laces, but in the 1500s starchmaking became more organised and commercial in Northern Europe. Flanders, home of the famous Flemish lace, was one of the earliest centres of starch manufacturing and skilful use. A Dutchwoman brought some of that knowledge to Elizabethan London, and set herself up as an expert at a time when there was high demand for well laundered and elaborate collars and cuffs. And that's why some websites tell us that starch "arrived" in 1564.

headsup TeaAtTrianon

John Allen of the NationalCatholicReporter has a new book on the modern religious persecution of Christians.

headsup Father L and his Crisis magazine review here.


Islamicist suicide bomber kills 7 Filipinos working at a local hospital in Yemen

There is nothing worse than killing those trying to help people.

But before you think only Islam inspired types do it: could I point out that 32 of my friends, including several docs and nurses, were killed by communist inspired "insurgents" who were given money by the "world council of churches", who never met a left wing insurgent they didn't love?

related item:

Nelson Mandela has died. Yes, I know he also was inspired by communism, but unlike Mugabe he chose to compromise with not only his foes but other factions among the opposition. There was one time when many predicted a very bloody civil war followed by massive famine in South Africa: One reason this hasn't happened was Mandela (and hopefully Zuma won't decide to copy Mugabe now that he is gone).




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