Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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The computer is as slow as molasses...must be doing updates without telling me, because now it is working find. Sigh.

So no links to headlines: summary is that Russia is saying Nyah Nyah Nyah to Obama, the Republicans are runnning around also saying NyahNyahNyah to Obama..., the mayors won't attend the St Patrick's day celebration of religious freedom for the Irish Catholics unless the Irish Catholics change their religion to a different one that allows gay marriage, but don't worry: The TSA is at one of these parades in Oregon or Washington (lost the link) presumably because they are worried about something or other... Muslim suicide bombers? IRA Terrorists? Nuns in sneakers wearing gay pride ribbons saying Nyah Nyah Nyah to the Pope?

And that plane? Either the Yanks shot it down when it tried to crash on Deigo del Fuego, or it's sitting in a taligan area of Pakistan, or else the UFO's took it away. Choose your conspiracy theory.

Except the Israelis put out a message saying that any plane, even a large civilian plane, that goes near them had better be able to prove who they are, or else...uh Oh...

update: And the NYTimes answers why there were no cellphone calls...
that is NOT a good sign...

Went to the mall again for errands (ran out of banana bread that Lolo likes, and also bought a lot of cleaning stuff...it's better quality than the palenke although more expensive).

The news in the Philippines is that many are swearing our lovely ex president didn't know about the broadband scandal...but if you read the entier article you find that the reporter mentions that no one has said anything about if her husband knew about it or not. The difference between here and the US is that we have a strict libel law, so no one can accuse someone of a crime, but the reporters have to quote someone else to make their points.

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