Thursday, March 27, 2014

Family news

It's hot season, so brownouts and internet goes off and on.

The internet came back on last night, but the router hasn't been reset (it's in a different room) so I am writing this in the office.

Ruby graduated from her home school sponsor yesterday and got two medals. She has been busy studying a lot for the last two weeks and now has time off until the next term starts.

I promised to take her to the film "Divergent" if she did's at the mall, we think. 

Lolo is okay, but wheezes when I turn off the aircon at night and let the cool air in. The kittens are still alive but wandering: Their next danger is if they learn to avoid the dogs. And the mangy dog is getting better: He got in a fight with George the killer lab over the girl dogs, and needed stitches, and when they were almost healed he got out and got in a fight with the neighbor dogs visiting the girl dogs and got the wound reopened.

AH, love. Wonder who the puppies will look like

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