Friday, March 14, 2014

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Body language?

hmm. no stiff upper lip here.   In fact, most of them seem to be overacting for the camera (i.e. exaggerated acting without real emotion). And their eyes don't reflecct their supposed emotion...

In fact, all the photos on the webpage are of affluent urban New Yorkers, and most of the assumptions are only based on that culture, not the culture of most New Yorkers, or most Americans let alone most of the world.

If you read down to the end, the article does acknowledge that body language depends on culture.
No kidding.

headsup presurfer.

Marriage is not a land of milk and honey but a vocation.

Marriage is a Cross. Marriage is a vocation to creation in total self-giving. To say that marriage is a Cross is to say that it is part of God’s design and that many graces flow from it and even that it is joyous. But it is also to say that it sucks sometimes and that it demands a total gift of self.

And one is reminded of Tolkien's letter to his son about marriage, quoted here.

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