Saturday, March 08, 2014

Medical stuff

From my "hey doc" blog:

Psst: It's the food, guys

 Chinese military is getting bigger and fatter


Meth addicts in China

blame North Korea.

Remembering Baby Gerhard

The first victim of the nazi T4 program.



The BBC has a fascinating story of a man who finds his wife's menstrual rags and goes on to manufacture cheap versions for poor women.


and stuff from elsewhere;

CNN: Medicare cuts for doctors.

The bottom line is that doctors who treat Medicare beneficiaries will only be reimbursed 98 cents on every dollar for a vast array of services. Reimbursement for low-income beneficiaries is exempt.

duh: that is on top of the already low reimbursement, which is a lot lower than what you bill, and the expense of staff to do all the required paperwork to get paid, and the run around you get if your paperwork isn't perfect.
(read they find excuses not to pay you).

why the cuts? They need money to fund Obamacare.

and although the IHS budget is bigger, they are cutting urban Indian programs.
and money to tribal health programs. and the IHS.

The AMA and AAFP keep emailing me to ask congress to stop this, but the dirty little secret is that they partnered with Obama to get Obamacare, and one way they plan to pay for your transgender surgery and birth control is to make it hard for grandmom to see her doctor, and to underpay her doctor into bankrupcy.

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