Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Smuggling of illegal immigrants or terrorism

One expert mentioned that KualaLumpur was an epicenter for illegal immigration to the EU, and of course Thailand is one area where a lot of passports are stolen from naive tourists. Even the latest information, saying that an Iranian businessman helped the two guys get plane tickets, could be terrorism (a few Iranians were deported from one nearby country for terrorism a year ago), but given the number of Iranians in business, this might just be another enterprising guy making money getting Africans (or Asians) into Europe for money. And no, given that my family has all sorts of colours and ethnic names that don't match, I don't find that fact very alarming.

the reason I say "African" is that one govt spokesman said that they guys looked like an Italian soccer player (who is of African descent)...which could explain why the German and Italian names didn't cause a "headsup". Yet earlier descriptions said they looked "Asian", which in SEAsia means Chinese, but in the UK this implies India/Pakistani ethnicity.

(Update: the UKTelegraph said they were Iranians trying to immigrate illegally to Europe. LINK)

The real question is where is the plane? This is almost as bad as when a ferry "disappeared" here, and no one could "find" it for 24 hours, yet family members had been sent texts saying the ferry was sinking. Of course, this was in the middle of a typhoon a couple years ago, and it was in a Philippine ferry where the captain claimed he didn't know the storm had changed course (presumably he didn't have a smart phone app to tell him such things). 

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