Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stuff around the net

Uncle Orson reviews the movie "Son of God" and notes the pros and cons in some detail. He liked it: good production values, and some very good scenes...but...

No, I didn't see it, and although I downloaded the series it was based on, I didn't watch it: for the reasons he notes.

And if you are an Uncle Orson SciFi fan, please note that the next series of open discussions at Mythgard institute is about Ender's Game. I can't find that link, but the last book discussed was Tolkien's unfinished tales...
and presumably their iTunes link will let you subscribe.


Mary Beard discusses the ancient history of the was once part of the Roman empire.

Historically, it is not part of the Ukraine, and it has a long and bloody history...

The good news of the day:

Obama reassures internet CEO's on tech privacy.

Why do birds sing in the morning?

the early bird gets the worm attractive lady birds in his area.


Chicken post of the day:

Chicken DNA suggest Columbus beat the Polynesians to South America...or maybe not. They're still arguing.


Smoking golf:

If you golf with a titanium club, and hit the right rock, you can start a fire on the golf course.

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