Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Family News

Joy and Ruby are in Manila with the family who are gathering at the wake for her aunt. She probably won't travel to the burial however, due to the expense.

Chano is upstairs and busy doing his thing. The problem is that their apartment is isolated from us and the rest of the house, so we worry about being broken into during the fiesta.

So we arranged for one of the workers to sleep downstairs. It is party time (the town plaza is a block away and a new restorbar across the street...we have had drunks climb over the fence in the side garden to sleep it off...the front garden and main house are guarded by George, the killer lab, and the white dogs guard the main business area, but since George is able to jump over the wall we keep him out of the side garden and lock the gates so the house can't be broken into).

Lolo is fine, but sleeps a lot, and for the last few days wakes up energetic at 3 am to take a bath. He then is exhausted and goes back to sleep. During the day, he walks out to eat or to sit in the garden  which also exhausts him after an hour or so. No pain however.

His lab is unchanged, but he won't get a bone marrow or agree to treatment. Doctors tend to be more cynical about such things than laypeople, and in his case, non treatment is one of the options, at least until anemia sets in when they advise mild chemotherapy. I've monitored several patients with his type of blood problem, and most died of something else....so we worry because it's flu season and lots of visitors from the US might carry it here.


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