Thursday, January 22, 2015

For Later Reading

Its 5 am and I am outside on my computer checking the mail and bookmarking stuff to read later on my tablet. Lolo is still asleep.
The secondary router is dead, and the primary router doesn't reach my room.

to make things worse, my RSS program disappeared, so I have to make new bookmarks to read my regular feeds.

The visitors will be leaving at 6 am so I am also keeping an eye on the dogs so that they don't get bitten.

Gospel and classic texts on wastepaper used for paper mache mummy masks?


The "gov't vs religion" problems nowadays come from overregulation by bureaucratic fiat, not by legislative laws.

It is also worth noting that since regulations, rather than statutory text, tend to be the bleeding edge of the sphere of government authority, it is typically executive branch rules that end up triggering the disputes. This is true of all of the recent disputes that have come before the Supreme Court.

headlines of the day via instapundit:

 80% Of Americans Support Mandatory Labels On Foods Containing DNA. Also, did you know that pregnant women can pass DNA on to their children before birth?


for five days, the Pope was here condemning corruption, insisting that the poor need justice, and pointing out the importance of the family and that children are precious.

Then I watch BBC/CNN and see the same old meme being pushed. And that quote about "breeding like rabbits"? It's a rephrasing of an encyclical about marriage written by Pius XI back in the 1930's.

Contraception, especially the present day variation of "planned parenthood" makes children a burden to both women and society and a curse to be limited and chosen for their perfection and aborted if they stand in the way of your career.

Catholicism sees children as a gift of God, and if they are not perfect, well, that is a gift for you too. But that doesn't mean you can't use natural methods to space your children.

Ah, but the population planners among the Manila elite prefer to push the idea that the church is evil because it mandates having as many children as possible...Which is not the church's message at all...too subtle for soundbites I guess.


Drudge had something about the folks at Davos having a mass "meditation" meeting.

Uh, meditation is essentially self hypnosis, leading folks to be vulnerable to suggestion...True, when properly done, it is  a form of deep concentration that allows one to open oneself to the spirit withing...the problem? This could mean opening not only to the lord of the universe, but to the lordship of one's ego and/or to the demons of the was the meditation quieting the mind to concentrate on God or on the gods of the marketplace?


Zuma in South Africa's latest scandal: Guptagate.


LATimes can't tell "metal sign" of the devil from ASL...they had to add that last part, presumably because they are illiterate about the deaf community.

and presumably doesn't have kids so hasn't watched Sesame Street.

The sign for "I" is an extended small finger. The sign for "L" is the index finger and the thumb extended. the sign for "Y" is the little finger and the index finger pointed up.

so the sign is "I love you"

The "devil" sign has the thumb tucked under.
This sign is used in Italy to ward off the "evil eye", not to summon the devil.
Oh yes: It is also the sign used by the Texas Longhorns fans to cheer on their team..

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