Thursday, January 15, 2015

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AICN reports they are remaking Ben Hur, and will include Jesus.

most of the usuall ignorant comments, but the best one is:

Superhero Zombie Jesus.
He's back. To take a bite out of the Roman Empire.

well, why not: Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter was a more sympathetic character than the preachy film Lincoln, and (to paraphrase RobinHood Men in tights) unlike other Lincoln films, he was played by a real Yank...(well, actually by a Georgian, but at least he was "merican"...)

most of the other films seem to be remakes or Marvel comic types. Which is why I rarely see films.

Most of the right wing blogs are hyperventillating about the Paris attack (just look the other way when Boko Nutso kill 2000 in Nigeria and everyone flees...but then, the attack a year or so ago on Zamboanga didn't even seem to make the back pages, Even the so called right wing Christian press ignored it, probably because most of those who fled were Catholic Christians who live in this Muslim area).

And 11 dead is about two week's worth of murders in Chicago, but never mind.

and of course, the murmurs about the need for a Muslim reformation is being ignored for political reasons.

Some outsiders argue that Sufi "one on one" emphasis on loving God is a Hindu idea (wonder if the Pentecostals have read the Gita?) but the violence is alas ingrained in the history of Islam, and according to StrategyPage pops up periodically....and those opposing it keep quiet because they are confused that maybe the idiot killers are right.

StrategyPage also points out that history will give you a clue to what happens next. Well, the tribal wars of Libya and the Army takeover of a chaotic Egypt both have happened before, even before Islam. Guess I'll have to read more history.

And yes, if history is correct, China will try to take over the west Philippine sea but will fail due to corruption at it's heart. And they might figure economic takeover of the Philippines (most businesses here are run by the oligarchy who have Chinese merchant roots already) will be better than facing a widespread surly Pinoy population. If they try a takeover, they'll coopt the oligarchy and let them run the place, as did the Spanich, the Americans and the Japanese before them.

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