Friday, June 19, 2015

Kennewick man was an AmerIndian

DNA proves it.

The researchers tested whether the Colville tribe members might have been direct descendents of the population to which Kennewick Man belonged. The data suggested three possible scenarios: that they were direct descendents, with some outside genes contributed when ancestors mated with different groups; that they and Kennewick Man shared an earlier common ancestor who lived around 700 years earlier than Kennewick Man; or a combination of both.

so hopefully it means they were correct letting his descendants bury him.

so why the fuss?

But the issue is far from settled, and a number of the country's leading archeologists say Kennewick Man could shed light on the possibility of other migrations from other parts of the world.
The Bering Strait connection "is a very likely scenario; however, there are other scenarios," said Vance Haynes, professor emeritus of geophysics at the University of Arizona. Haynes is one of eight scientists who have filed suit seeking access to the remains for further study.
"A lot of us feel now there wasn't just an initial migration to the New World, and everything evolved out of that. It's looking like there were a number of migrations over time, and from different areas," including possibly Southeast Asia or even Europe, Haynes said.

some are suggesting that the migration to the Americas theories need a rewrite: It is discussed in this lecture:

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