Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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Love is all around story of the day:

Neanderthal DNA in 40thousand year old skeleton suggests mating occured 5 generations earlier.
But unlike most ancient people who had DNA analyses, the man does not have any local ancestors today.


there are stories once in awhile about old computers discarded causing pollution. So Improbable research asks:

How much wood would a CPU chip manufacturer ship if a CPU chip were made of wood?
The answer to that seldom-asked question appears to be contained, more or less, in a June 17, 2015 report called “Researchers Develop Biodegradable Wooden Computer Chips,” in Tech Briefs

for non English speakers, the question is a pun on this saying. 

how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

The problem? Woodchucks don't' chuck wood. But if they did, the answer is: 

The amount of wood that woodchucks would chuck on a given day varies greatly with the individual woodchuck. According to a Wall Street Journal article, New York State wildlife expert Richard Thomas found that a woodchuck could chuck around 35 cubic feet of dirt in the course of digging a burrow. if a woodchuck could chuck wood, he would chuck an amount equal to 700 pounds. Due to the average size of a wood chuck and the general density of wood (not including cork) if a wood chuck could chuck wood it would probably get through about 6.573 pounds per day, assuming the wood chuck is functioning correctly. 
Sleeping Beauty is a fairy tale and is G rated when done by Disney, but the older versions are R rated:
Troylus prays to Venus to discover how to wake Zellandine, and is told, “When you pluck from the slit / The fruit that holds the cure, / The girl will be healed” (p.389).
If you’ve read medieval stories before, you probably know where this is going,

here, the big story is if the Bangsamoro basic law will supercede civil laws of the central government in the Moro areas of the Philippines.

The problem? lots of non Muslims live there, including those tribes following indigenous customs who predate the Muslim migration and Christians, most of whom settled there in the last century.

more problems discussed here. The local gov't can make their own laws (including over non Muslims) i.e. sharia law can be imposed even when it goes against the Philippine constitution and can impose their fiats without letting locals appeal to the Supreme Court of the Philippines, can ignore the laws of the Philippine state when it comes to regulation, can control local money (meaning they can steal it without impunity), and can stop the government from police interference in their area. This last part suggests they could harbor terrorists and the central gov't couldn't stop them.

The old leftie, Archbishop Cruz, is cynical about the rush to implement the law which he sees as a political act of smoke and mirrors by a corrupt administration to get support from foreigners who don't know the reality of what the law means.


How many divisions does the Pope have? Well, when it comes to climate science, MomJones points out that the worst polluters (China, the US, India, Japan, and Russia aren't Catholic and will ignore him.

I'm not sure if this means Non Catholics are worse for the environment, or if Catholicism is not user friendly for making people rich. But it does mean that the US, with it's sizable Catholic Democratic party influence, will be a testing ground if Francis will have much influence on climate change.


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