Saturday, January 09, 2016

another sign TEOTWAWKI....not

Well, bless my soul: Hollywood is putting out subversive films.

I was checking out trailers on Youtube and came across this one:

yup...another day another Wayans brother parody.

reminds me of when there was a big movie about a millionaire buying someone's fiance to seduce her, and at the same time, the movie "Honeymoon in Vegas" came out with the same plot (but including skydiving Elvis impersonators).

And then there is this: A movie where the heroine is an entrepeneur, not an evil villian. The movie Joy is about the lady who invented miracle mop, beloved of Home Shopping network.


and will 13 Hours finally make the MSM notice that the Obama talking points on Benghazi were wrong, and that the paper pushers tried to stop the rescue?

So far, it appears that they don't make political points, but then: Remember this ad?

and of course, since it shows Americans as heroes, bucking the system to save lives, it might even make money.

Most of the movies I will catch on HBO etc in a year or two.

as for me: StarWars the sequel won't open for another week here.

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