Thursday, April 21, 2016

There goes General Jackson

So the PC, who tried to get a mulatto Alexander Hamilton removed from the 10 dollar bill, were defeated by... a NYCity play that made people aware of who he was.

Backkup plan: Get rid if Andrew Jackson, an Indian fighter and slave holder. And a redneck from the south. That makes him a "threefer" bad guy for the elites SJW's.

However, they forget that he also saved the nation at the Battle of New Orleans, with the help of a Multi ethnic force that included Choctaws, freed slaves, the local French, and the infamous pirate Jean LaFitte.

the Wikipedia article is interesting, but fails to note that it was not LaFitte's men per se who helped win the battle, but the cannons from his ships.

Jackson finally accepted Lafitte’s help in December 1814 because of the ammunition, cannoneers, and knowledge of the area Lafitte could supply. The expert cannon fire of Jackson’s troops, including Lafitte’s Baratarians, contributed to the American victory over the British at the Battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815. So impressed with the artillery skills of Baratarian Dominique You at Battery No. 3, Jackson reportedly stated before the Battle: “I wish I had fifty such guns on this line, with five hundred such devils as those fellows are at their butts.”
Ah, but the PC hate military men, and hate "slave holders" and hate those who fought in the numerous Indian wars

(Jackson, who had a less rosy picture of Native Americans, was the one behind their removal to Oklahoma, which is rightly condemned to this day as ethnic cleansing, ignoring of course, the other ethnic cleansings before and after that time, or the safety issue for settlers who still remembered relatives who had been killed by the Indians...but not all people back then backed Jackson's plan: Indian Fighter Davy Crockett opposed the move, and as a result lost his seat in Congress).

Ah, but Harriet Tubman is a "twofer": Black and a woman and anti slavery. She is so little known that I have often seen photos of Stagecoach Mary labled as Harriet Tubman. Heh. All black ladies look alike.

A worthy woman, but not critical to history: if she never lived, history would be the same.

But if Jackson had died in the Revolutionary war, then the Mid West which was bought as the Louisiana purchase would probably have been kept by the British, (never mind the Treaty of Ghent), Texas would be an independent country, and the US would have remained a weak country that could never have saved Europe in WWI or WWII....

A similar PC stupidity was tried with the Susan B Anthony dollar and the Sacajaweja dollar, replacing known patriots with footnote people who nobody but history experts had ever heard of.

Susan B Anthony was a suffragette, but only one of many, so again she didn't change history.

But at least, one could argue that if Sacajaweja (and her baby) had never lived, then the Shoshone would have wiped out the Lewis and Clark expedition, (having a woman and her baby along signaled to local Indians that they were travelers, not a war party).

No, it doesn't affect me.

Our local currancy was redesigned last year, and changed the back of the bills to include pictures of our country, with the 1000 peso bill still has World War II heroes, including a woman and a Chnoy,

and changed the 500 pesobill from a frowning Niony to have a smiling Ninoy and Cory on the front and a parrot on the back

hey, I have an idea:

Instead of Harriet Tubman, why not include the "power couple" of the revolution: John and Abigail Adams, together on the twenty dollar bill.

They helped found the Republic, and were not slave holders either.

and, thanks to HBO and PBS, people might actually know who they were...

Nah, too heterosexual to be PC.

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