Saturday, May 28, 2016

Another sign that TEOTWAWKI is nigh

Men who live as puppies.

no, not schizophrenic delusions...

it's a sexual fetish, mainly in gay men.

Then, of course, there is the sex. Puppy play is often part of a larger sexual practice that crosses over with leather folk, furries and BDSM. 

when I studied psychiatry, we were warned that often  when we talked to our patients, their delusions would sound logical. So we were told to apply the "taxi driver" rule: If the average taxi driver would think the person was crazy, the person probably is crazy.

but now, we are supposed to be accepting of such things.


related item: UKTelegraph lamenting abnormal sex is now the norm.

I have a countercultural idea:

Instead of "having sex" with a person you barely know, how about "making love" by marrying and being faithful to a spouse...

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