Saturday, August 20, 2016

Family news

Joy and Ruby got back from Manila last night. Ruby did her exams there, but has to go back to finish some projects.

Then they left today for some sort of "church" meeting.

They are very involved in their church, always attending meetings and prayer meetings.

I am more like most Americans: I was never involved in church projects. And like most Americans I resent being told I should "volunteer" at the church for X. No thank you. You can serve God in your daily life: you don't have to belong to an elite "in group" to prove you love Him.

Saying Lord Lord is fine, and praying and worshiping (especially receiving the Eucharist) is the food that keeps one going, but the important part is your daily work. Being nice. Giving to charity. Helping your neighbor (without using the help to bribe them to attend your church). If you are lucky, like I was, in having a profession where one is "God's hands" in caring for the sick, fine. But even washing a dish well is a way to show your love for God. This is St Theresa's "Little way". Of the creed of Brother Lawrence. Or taking the advice of one Hindu saint, who told a lady who said she loved her family but didn't believe in the gods, that "your husband is god... your children are god".

Which is why I am not worried about those who say Americans are clueless to religion... uh not really. Most of them don't talk the talk but they walk the walk.

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