Monday, March 20, 2017

Medieval history stuff (insomnia alert) has a book review about book by the Quennelles.. and how history visualization has changed in recent years.

But they do link to the book A History of Everyday Things in England, at to read on line or download.  Vol 4 Vol 3

They also have  Everyday life in the old stone age

and more at if you search the name, but a lot are from an internet library in India, so you have to check the link which gives  you pdf and torrent files

I usually don't read these books straight through: I browse and check on things I actually am interested in and read that.

Ebooks however are hatd to "browse".

Ah, but I found I can listen to them on my tablet. Even better, I can rip them to MP3's via Balabolka, using a more pleasant voice (Microsoft David) than is available on my tablet, and instruct the program to rip it into half hour segments. I then mix up these with other lectures to play as background noise when I sleep. Hence the title: INSOMNIA ALERT.

I enjoy history that not only includes battles but the background (trade religion culture). I used to have the entire Durant series in hardback but only have three of them with me here., (ebook and some volumes audio at  (and I also brought with me two of Braudels historys, which alas are harder to find free on line but some are on line at Scribd)

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