Friday, March 31, 2017

Reality bites stories below the fold

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Hillary Clinton’s message to the resistance is exactly what we need right now 

Pure Alinsky.  "Four words keep coming back to me: resist, insist, persist, enlist."

(Translation: we must see Republicans, traditional Catholics, Evangelicals, Mormons and men of all sorts as the enemy...)

This was to a "Professional Business Women of California Conference".
 Essentially she is telling them to despise half of their customer base, and probably make the workplace miserable for about half their employees.

not exactly a good way to make a profit.

 One right wing quip was that she lost the election because she reminded too many men of their nagging ex wife. ..

( or for women,  our husband's crazy first ex wife).

sounds about right...


it took months and lots of money to design Hillary's symbol for the election...

Am I am the only one who sees the symbol as subliminal reference to sex, the two vertical lines as the woman parts and the arrow as a phallic symbol?


SciFi writer Sarah Hoyt discusses the demise of the publishing industry.

Sigh. I could rarely find the books I wanted in the Barnesandnoble or similar bookstores... I even used to drive long distancs to buy from local indie bookstores or used book stores to find the books I wanted to read..... until a doctor friend pointed me to Amazon...

The only trouble with the demise of regular books is that we cant find good things in our local used book kiosk now.

On the other hand, ScribD is pretty good for books (I even read one of Sarah's books there) and a lot of other stuff is on line if you know where to find them.


"Some" native Hawaiians are objecting to a telescope on one of their "sacred" mountains, so scientist say, whatever: we'll just move it to the Canary Islands.

Reminds me of the kerfuffle about the Univ Ariz/vatican telescope that the white Indian activists objected to because it was on top of one of their sacred mountains.

The reason I laugh at this is because the Mescalero Apaches had no problem putting a ski resort on their sacred mountain, because having jobs for their people was important and the mountain, after all, is very very large.

There is a problem with desecrating sacred land (e.g. the pipeline issue, which could have easily been settled by a detour) and having outsiders activists and a few locals decide the agenda, often over the vote of others who live there.

There is no easy answer, (e.g. assimilation vs staying traditional) but compromise is the way to go... alas, often outside activists (including a few self proclaimed local activists, often leftist and college trained) who make things worse. They have an agenda, which is for everyone to live a "traditional lifestyle" (aka a primitive life in poverty).

the logo comes from the ceremony of the "mountain gods" ... to teach girls to be strong women and protect their families. (the mountain gods were the ancestral spirits)...Yup. Apache women are strong: some of them even trained to work with the hotshots.....who fought forest fires...

one more comment: The hospital there was terrible, and the Government employees said it was the tribe's fault for making jobs a priority instead of pushing the government to provide health care, either by "subcontracting" their own people or by paying outside lobbyists to push for more funding...

Never mind that the IHS system is to supply health care...
The problems with the VA system has hit the news, but I have seen few articles on how the IHS works as an example of "single payer health care"... complete with delays and rationing...

One does need the hospitals which hire Indian preference so employees can be sensitive to the cultural differences, but on the other hand, we got as many as we could on Medicaid, so they could get decent care outside the system...

Obama pushed against Brexit, but never mind. Trump say congratulations to Theresa May, and now (via Drudge) the EU ex president says well, he will help support those trying to break up the USA

Showing his deep nuanced knowledge of America, he names which states he thinks might want to exit: Texas and Ohio...

well, I hate to tell him, but Ohio voted for Trumpieboy, as did Texas

actually he names "Austin Texas" for some reason. Yes, it is the capital of that state, full of techhies and is gay friendly, but he forgets that famous quote from Miss Congeniality

Gracie: He had a gun.
Kathy: Of course he had a gun. This is Texas. Everybody has a gun. My florist has a gun!


and what is it about foreigners and Austin? I mean, even the crazy fat guy in North Korea has threatened to nuke Austin....the rumor is not that he hates Texas BBQ, but because Samsung (A south Korean company) has a huge company there.

and yes, I've eaten both Texan and Korean BBQ, and they are delicious.


factoid of the day: Dinosaurs didn't have lips.


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