Tuesday, March 28, 2017

stories against the meme

StategyPage has the backstory of the Mexican drug war behind the US heroin epidemic.

if the press paid attention, they might not keep blaming doctors for the opiod epidemics, recognize that more than racial prejudice is behind Trumpie's wall idea, and recognize that out of control drug gangs kill a lot more people than Duterte's Dirty Harry cops.

March 7, 2017: The government’s official crime monitoring service reported that 2,156 people were murdered in January 2017 and 2,098 in February 2017.

and of course, it's not just Mexico: Drugs (and coal mine) money is causing problems in Burma/Myamar. 

much of this is not about the traditional heroin of the golden triangle, but now the problem is meth... which is the drug that is being abused in much of China and here in the Philippines...

Methamphetamine is the most popular drug in Southeast Asia and there are believed to be nearly a million meth addicts in Thailand, plus many tourists who indulge. Most (nearly half) of the seized pills are taken in China, followed by Thailand and most of it is coming from meth labs in northern Burma. 

they also mention the 400 thousand Rohingya who have fled that country: the refugees who do't get no respect even though they are Muslim.

the latest podcast on North Korea.

Last month they discussed the problem too.

why doesn't China pressure them to stop being naughty? the SCMP explains:

 Beijing sees it, the consequences of cutting off economic ties and precipitating the fall of the North Korean regime would be disastrous. Either the result would be complete chaos, with millions of North Korean refugees crossing the Yalu River into China’s depressed North Eastern provinces, or it would be a successful reunification led by South Korea, an eventuality which would in time lead to the emergence of a new American-allied economic powerhouse, complete with US military bases, right on China’s border.


will the UK again become a petrol supplier? Big field found off the Shetland Islands.

this probably will affect the Scottish vs Brexit fight. On the other hand, the highlands and the lowlands of Scotland are not traditionally in agreement, and when the Scots were discussing independence, the islands threatened to break awy if Scotland became independent...
more here in a 2014 story.


another sign that TEOTWAWKI is nigh: from the Inquirer:

MARCH 27, 2017

Glitter Butts Are the Latest Beauty Trend You Need to Know About

Annoying summer things include sand sticking to your butt. It’s inevitable and part of your beach getaway so why fight it? Make it pretty! This is how the glitter butt trend came to be.
Makeup artists Mia Kennington and Sophie Moreno came up with the trend during a music festival. Mia has done a few looks on her Instagram. Those are the photos you have been seeing on your feed lately. Would you try it though? Nylon hilariously points out that the glitter and the sequins might cut into your flesh and the designs might get destroyed once you sit. So what really is the point of the butt glitter?

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